Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Service

Fire Sprinkler Inspections 

Fire sprinkler systems need to be regularly inspected to ensure they will function properly in the event of a fire. The frequency in which inspections are required according to NFPA 25 will depend on various factors including; the type of sprinklers you have, building occupancy, insurance requirements, and local code. 

Monthly Inspection

A visual inspection should be done monthly on the gauges of your sprinkler system to ensure the pressure is within a normal range. This can be done by a building manager, it doesn’t necessarily require professional assistance. 

Quarterly Inspection

Each quarter, a visual inspection of all fire protection equipment should be performed to determine there isn’t any physical damage. This includes your pipes, alarm devices, fire department connections, control valves, etc.

Annual Inspection 

An annual inspection involves hands-on inspection of every piece of equipment, in every room. The inspector will look for rust, corrosion, defective sprinkler heads, and any other impairments. Control valves should be put through their entire range of motion and fire pumps/dry systems should be flow tested. 

5 Year Inspection 

Every five years, all internal pipework, sprinkler gauges and sprinkler heads should be inspected and evaluated to check for blockages. 

Fire Sprinkler System Replacement

Most dry pipe fire sprinkler systems need replacement after 8-12 years, most wet pipe systems need replacement after 15-25 years depending on the corrosion issues present. By having regular maintenance and inspection done to keep corrosion at bay, and replacing affected parts, you can prolong the longevity of your system.  

Fire Sprinkler Service

International Fire Protection offers premium service and inspection for all fire protection systems. Our technicians have the experience and expertise to inspect, maintain and service your fire sprinkler systems so that your residential, commercial, or industrial building remains safe and meets the requirements of NFPA 25. 

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