Fire Prevention Week 2016

Fire Prevention Week was established to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire, the notorious blaze that  killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 homeless, destroyed more than 17,400 structures, and burned  more than 2,000 acres on October 8th and 9th, 1871. Forty years after the Great Chicago Fire, the Fire  Marshals Association of North America (today known as the International Fire Marshals Association),  decided that the anniversary should be used as an occasion to raise awareness about the importance of  fire prevention.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)’s theme for Fire Prevention Week 2016, “Don’t wait-check the date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 years” encourages the public to make sure their smoke  alarms are in working order. For more information about Fire Prevention Week, visit the NFPA website  at

Fire Prevention Tips

  • Keep lamps, light fixtures, and light bulbs away from anything that can burn, such as lamp shades,  bedding, curtains, and clothing.
  • Replace cracked and damaged electrical cords.  
  • Use extension cords for temporary wiring only.  
  • Consider having additional circuits or receptacles added by a qualified electrician.  
  • Call a qualified electrician or landlord if you have recurring problems with blowing fuses or tripping  circuit breakers, discolored or warm wall outlets, flickering lights or a burning or rubbery smell coming  from an appliance.  


  • If you smoke, smoke outside.  
  • Wherever you smoke, use deep, sturdy ashtrays.  
  • Never smoke in a home where oxygen is used.  
  • Keep matches and lighters up high in a locked cabinet, out of the reach of children.  
  • Never smoke in bed or when you are drowsy.